Taking a trip to the Arizona State Fair

Life / Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

The best moments in life are always planned while drinking right? Well I’d like to think that my trip to the Arizona State Fair this year was one of those moments. I threw out the idea of going while we were playing carnival games at the company’s fall festival. I thought we would go the following weekend, after payday, but NOPE. Everyone made the unanimous decision to go the very next day. When the majority of the group agrees on a date, we set the date.

So the next day I along with my gang, met up at the Arizona State Fair!

Me and my work wife! Pardon the double chin.
Mr. Zak knew where to look.. me not so much.

I hadn’t been to the fair in 2-3 years, and each of my friends hadn’t gone in almost twice that amount, so it was fun to hang out and play all of the games and ride the rides. I don’t think any of us sat there or were bored. Everytime I turned around we lost someone to a booth or we were trying on hats and looking at all of the things we wanted to buy.

Or my friends were having to pull me away from all of the animals at the petting zoo. Seriously, they were questioning my sanity after I started talking to my new llama friends. I love llamas.

I think my favorite part was all of the games and rides! I suck at games! My friends are legends though, they are way to competitive not to win. It’s fun getting to act like a kid again since we don’t get to do these things too often. Arizona really doesn’t have too many theme park options.

Don’t mind the blurry, we were all laughing too hard.

What I ate at the fair:

  • Fried Bacon cheese bombs
  • Garlic French Fry’s with Bacon and Cheese
  • Chicken Wings with French Fries
  • Deep Fried Pineapple
  • Indian Fry Bread with Honey and powdered Sugar
  • Kettle Corn

Knowing me, I could have eaten a bunch more! Sadly no one had any deep fried pizza or anything other than sweets that I could try. They’re really missing out on opportunities here.

I made them take a picture with the pineapple for their company newsletter… and then I ate it all!

Until next year State Fair, may it be as enjoyable as this years.

Have you gone to your State Fair this year?